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Thumb Sucking/Snoring Appliances

What are Thumb Sucking and Snoring Appliances?

Thumb sucking can cause dental problems in children if it is not stopped early enough. And snoring can interrupt everyone’s sleep so that no one gets a good night’s sleep. Either of these can end up with serious health related problems if they are not treated. Thankfully, dentists have thumb sucking and snoring appliances that are useful for alleviating these conditions.

Appliances Used for Thumb Sucking

Dentists have several thumb sucking appliances to choose from today. Some of them consist of wires that connect their teeth together so they cannot suck on their thumb. The device is easily removed by a parent and in no way harms the child. For some children, the device is a small plastic bar or a plastic button that is placed close to the front of the child’s mouth. These devices are designed to disrupt the motion of sucking. It makes it uncomfortable for them to suck on something, but it doesn’t hurt them or harm them at all. The dentist will fit the appliance properly in the child’s mouth and ensure it is effective for breaking them of thumb sucking, without making them too uncomfortable.

Appliances Used for Snoring

It only takes one person to snore to keep everyone awake at night. Snoring isn’t serious in itself, but it can cause lack of sleep which in turn can be detrimental to the health. If you snore it is important to schedule an appointment with a doctor to determine if you suffer from sleep apnea. Whether or not you have sleep apnea, a snoring appliance can help you sleep better. A dentist can examine your mouth and have a custom mouthpiece made for you. A snoring device will either reduce snoring greatly, or alleviate it altogether so you and your family all get a better night’s sleep.