Sports Guards

Who Needs Sports Guards?

Anyone who plays sports or is active can use a sports guard. There are different types of dental mouthguards and sports guard is one type that protects your mouth and smile while you are participating in sports or other types of athletic activities. Sports Guards fit over your teeth and protects them while you are playing. You may need a custom sports guard that is specifically made to fit your mouth perfectly, or you may buy a stock sports guard to help protect your smile.

Do I need to wear a dental sports guard?

If you participate in any type of sports activities, you should wear a sports guard to prevent injuries to your teeth and mouth. Sports guards are good to use whether your activity is considered to be a low impact or a high impact sport. Dental injuries can occur in any sport including football, wrestling, hockey, baseball, basketball or soccer. A sports guard, when worn properly, will be effective at protecting your smile.

Types of Injuries Sports Guards Prevent

There are numerous injuries that can be completely prevented by wearing a mouth protector. Other injuries can be lessened by wearing one. Some of the dental injuries prevented by wearing a mouth guard might include:

  • Knocking a tooth completely out
  • Partially knocking a tooth out
  • Chipping, fracturing or breaking off a tooth
  • Losing a dental filling while playing
  • Losing a dental crown while playing
  • Various types of soft tissue injuries can be prevented (injuries to the lips, tongue, gums and cheeks)

Dental professionals recommend patients of any age wear sports guards when playing sports. Children nor adults are exempt from sustaining a mouth injury. Using a sports guard can help protect your smile for the rest of your life.