Dental Emergency

How Can I Prepare for a Dental Emergency?

No one plans to have an emergency, especially not a dental emergency. However, at some point in our lives, it is likely we will have one. For families with children, they are certain to happen eventually. Injuries to the mouth and teeth are common for those who play sports or are very active and it’s good to be prepared. While you cannot plan when it will occur, you can have a plan in place in case a dental emergency does occur.

What Constitutes a Dental Emergency?

Several types of injuries to the mouth can be deemed as an emergency. In these cases, you need to seek the help of a professional immediately. It’s important to see a dentist within 30 minutes if you feel your situation is an emergency one. Getting to the dentist quickly can mean the difference in being able to save a tooth, or not. Here are a few things that are considered a dental emergency:

  • Getting a tooth knocked out (especially a permanent tooth)
  • When a tooth is forced out of its position or loosened severely
  • If a tooth is broken or fractured
  • If an accident leaves you in severe pain
  • Oral injuries where there is excessive bleeding to the gums, cheeks or lips

Build Your Own Dental Emergency Kit

You can be somewhat prepared in case you or your family member faces a dental emergency by preparing your own kit. Your dental care kit should contain:

  • The phone numbers for your dentist (home, cell and office if they are available)
  • Handkerchief or other soft material cloth
  • Gauze squares
  • A lidded container (to put a tooth in if you need to)

Ibuprofen for pain (Do not use aspirin as it is an anticoagulant and cause bleeding to increase)