Are Caps Only for Cosmetic Purposes?

Dental crowns, or caps are not solely for cosmetic purposes. They are a type of restorative dentistry used to cover a tooth or implant. Once a cap is in place, it covers the tooth and becomes its new, fresher, outer surface. A filling is placed inside a tooth and repairs part of the tooth, but a cap covers the outside. Caps are also cemented into place and will appear and function like the natural tooth.

Why will a dentist recommend caps?

A dentist might recommend caps as a treatment option for several reasons. They may be used to repair or strengthen a tooth, or teeth that have become damaged. They may also be used to improve the appearance of a tooth. It can help a tooth have a better color or shape and can also make it appear to be aligned better. These are usually only cosmetic purposes, but can also help improve one’s appearance, or bite. There are other alternatives, but no other restoration provides the advantages or benefits of caps.

What are caps made from?

Caps can be constructed from several different materials. They may be made out of porcelain or a special kind of dental ceramic. Sometimes they are made from metals including precious, non-precious, or semi-precious. In some instances, they are made from a combination of a metal alloy and a dental ceramic mixed together. There are several factors that go into choosing which material to use. These might include the extent of damage done to a tooth, the appearance or location of a tooth, or even the cost.

A dentist will have a good reason for recommending caps but will be able to explain to you why it is necessary. They will usually work with you and help you choose which material will work best for you.