Zoom! For Teeth Whitening

Zoom! Is an in-office tooth whitening procedure. The tooth whitening procedure is safe, effective and fast. For most people, the procedure takes just about an hour to complete. It is ideal for those who like immediate results. For many patients, it is a better alternative than gradual whitening techniques or wearing trays to achieve the same results.

What is the Zoom! Procedure like?

Zoom! Is comfortable and simple. The tooth whitening procedure will begin with a short preparation that will isolate the lips and gums so the teeth are exposed. The clinician or dental professional will then apply Zoom! It is a whitening gel that is activated by a special type of light. For most patients, they will see results up to 10 shades whiter. Once the treatment has been completed, there is a five minute fluoride treatment. Over the next few days, it is likely the teeth will become even whiter.

How does Zoom! work?

The gel known as Zoom! Is activated by light. It was developed through years of research. It contains hydrogen peroxide that is pH balanced and scientifically formulated to gently penetrate the teeth once it is activated. This works to remove stains which are deeply imbedded in the teeth and removes discoloration.

How long with Zoom! work to keep my teeth white?

The dentist will usually provide a touch-up kit and instructions. Proper care and occasional touch-ups will keep your teeth white for years. Your dentist may recommend that you refrain from smoking and using other tobacco products that can darken the teeth. He may also suggest you avoid consuming some foods and beverages that can stain the teeth. This might include drinks like tea, red wine, coffee, or cola products. They may also recommend certain toothpastes to help maintain whiter teeth.